Sabian Launches New Online Custom Shop

Sabian has just launched a new online Custom Shop to help drummers around the word build their ideal cymbal. With the power to select from over 29 million custom cymbal configurations, drummers can design their dream cymbal on the new site, consult with Sabian sound specialists, then order and purchase from their favourite drum shop.

The Sabian Custom Shop works by navigating drummers through each stage of the cymbal making process, while helpful video clips provide guidance at each step. The menu of customizable options allows for a very large array of choices in size, profile, weight, bell size, hammering, lathing, custom enhancements, and more options.

While offering a deep level of customization, the Custom Shop process is desgined to be very user-friendly. It allows drummers to sit, listen, learn, and choose before purchasing from their favourite drum shop. By including brick and mortar drum shops in the Custom Shop program, Sabian is working to ensure they remain a viable and active hub for drum communities around the country.

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Michael Raine is the Senior Editor at Canadian Music Trade. He is also a co-host of the popular Canadian Musician Radio weekly podcast.