RPMDA Reveals 2019 Convention Program

The RPMDA has released the full schedule for its 2019 convention, which is happening in San Diego, CA, from May 1-4 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay hotel.

For the full convention program, click HERE.

Here is a selection of presentations that the RPMDA will be hosting:

State of the Industry with Joe Lamond (NAMM)

The president and CEO of NAMM is well-known to many as host of the popular NAMM U Breakfast of Champions. His broad vision of the music products industry, its significant trends, and its future will open our convention on the right note.

Selling Print: What’s YOUR Value Proposition?
Moderated by Don Langlie (Poppler’s Music)

Staying in the game as a print music dealer means adding value to the products that you sell. Publishers can’t do it themselves…and customers are overwhelmed by the myriad of choices in the marketplace. With a panel comprised of Eric Strouse (Stanton’s Sheet Music), Richard Gore (Pender’s Music Co.), and Sharon Pugh (Poppler’s Music), Don Langlie will survey their success stories and and discuss the things that only an engaged retailer can bring to the print music value proposition.

The Marketing Calendar: How this Essential Tool will Maximize your Reach Year-Round
Presented by Stephanie Copple (black&hue, LLC)

Do you struggle with knowing where to focus your marketing energy? Are you often scrambling at the last minute to create events and campaigns? Join Stephanie Copple and discover the importance of defining your unique value proposition to establish your brand and grow your business. Learn how a marketing calendar can help keep you and your team on track while setting attainable goals to achieve and build upon.

Unique Boutique: Targeting THIS Generation’s Shopper
Presented by Lindy Campbell (Music on the Hill)

Are you in step with the shopping habits and values of the 25–40 year-old generation? Have you maximized your inventory and displays to attract, engage and retain this important customer base? Join Lindy Campbell, owner of Music On The Hill, as she explores and identifies the unique advantages of today’s boutique music store.

Copyright and Fair Use
Presented by Tracy Leenman (Musical Innovations)

You may have heard the terms “fair use” and copyright infringement, but let’s take it a step further and learn the evolution of copyright laws, where it came from and what “fair use” really means to us. This will help you educate consumers on how to get the music they need while upholding the law. In this session, Tracy Leenman will break down this complex topic, give you tips to help your customers, and answer all questions.

Print is Dead…Long Live Print!
Presented by Lori Supinie (Senseney Music)

Lessons lived, lessons learned! In November 2017, Senseney Music announced it was significantly downsizing its print music business. Join Senseney Music’s Lori Supinie as she discusses the factors involved in making a major change in your business model, including managing the message, the impact change can have on your culture, your customers, and your financial performance, and how Senseney Music has found new ways to continue servicing their print customers.

Music Education Advocacy: Start from Where You Are
Moderated by Eric Ebel (NAMM)

When tackling an issue as vast and complex as influencing change within our public education system, it’s natural to get overwhelmed. “How can I help? What should I know? Where do I start?” NAMM’s Eric Ebel, along with Kimberly Deverell (San Diego Music Studio), Shawna Wingerberg (Antonio Violins) & Ron Manus (Alfred Music) will discuss how music education advocacy is not a one-size-fits-all activity; there are many ways to be an effective advocate. Learn some of the simple ways you can ‘start from where you are’ to make music education advocacy a regular part of your day.

Marketing to the Generations
Jenn Herman (Social Media Strategist, Jenns Trends)

We live in a modern and diverse landscape with at least four major generations intersecting their lives online. How do you talk to them all, or who should you be talking to? How do you create content that appeals to them? How do you stand out in a way that they find you and choose to do business with you? These are the questions you’ll have answered in this keynote session with world renowned author and speaker, Jenn Herman. Attendees will walk away with a clear idea of how to define their target audience, where to find them on social media, and how to create content that best appeals to their individual audience.

Best Ideas
Presented by Kevin Cranley (Willis Music Company)

The perennial favorite session of RPMDA conventions, in which members share their best ideas in only two minutes for fun and for the opportunity to take home the title of Best Idea 2019. What you learn here could change the way you do business and double your investment in coming to the convention.

Purpose, Passion and Changing the World: The Newest Trend in Business
Presented by Christie Smith (Alfred Music)

“Purpose is the biggest transformation to happen to business since the assembly line.” Based on insights from the Me to We movement and WEconomy, join Christie Smith to learn how embedding purpose into the heart of your business can draw the best employees and drive profitability, while healing society’s ills.

The Art of Print!
Presented by Frank Alkyer (Music Inc.)

Publisher of Downbeat, Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily, Frank Alkyer is a fan and a student of print in all of its forms. With three decades of experience in the music products industry, Alkyer will discuss companies, concepts and trends that can help print retailers succeed going forward!

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Michael Raine is the Senior Editor at Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, and Professional Lighting & Production magazines. He also co-hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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