Blaze Music Now Distributing John Pearse Strings, Clayton Picks & B-Band Acoustic Systems

[![Rod Bader](/content/images/2014/11/Rod-Bader-300x199.jpg)](/content/images/2014/11/Rod-Bader.jpg)Blaze Music President Rod Bader.
Blaze Music has announced that it is now the exclusive Canadian distributor for John Pearse Strings and Accessories, Clayton Picks and Accessories, and B-Band Acoustic Systems.

“Our dedicated Sales Team look forward to making it easier for Canadian Retailers to get these amazing products for their retail outlets,” says Rod Bader, president of Blaze Music. “All products are stocked in Calgary and offer speedy shipping in Canada. We worked very hard with the manufacturers to get aggressive pricing, which allows for great profits for the dealer. We know these products can increase the profits to your bottom line.”

For more information, contact Blaze Music: 403-630-2381,,

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Michael Raine is the Senior Editor at Canadian Music Trade. He is also a co-host of the popular Canadian Musician Radio weekly podcast.